Sans-sation. Quelle?


Sans-sation, or sansation, is the state of being without sensation, to be totally devoid of stimulus.

With the glut of technology interface, information digestion and data processing that us mere human beings have to handle getting to the point of overload is all too common. But what of the future? How will we cope when we’re cyborgs with augmentations up to (and perhaps instead of) our eyeballs?

Sight, sound, touch, smell – all of these and more are gone when you’re in a sansation tank.

“Sansation tank, what’s that?” you say.

Think of tanning salons with those little coffins of light. Now take away the light. Next, combine it with a flotation tank and ensure there’s no way of drowning. Now lock the door. Add a bit of chemical magic to dull the nerves a little (mind the dosage now) before switching off your scribe (more on them later) and the rest of your wares and you’re in sansation. But be careful, you don’t want to hang around in your mind for too long. Who knows what is lurking in there…

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